Massage and Relaxation Treatments


  • Relaxation Massage
    This Salon and Spa signature massage is all about relaxation! Your therapist will combine massage strokes, gentle rocking and compressions. Relaxation massage restores balance and reduces tension while creating a sense of relaxed well-being.
    • 30 min: $55
    • 60 min: $75
    • 90 min: $105
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    Are you in need of more than just pure relaxation? This massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. More specific than the relaxation massage, your therapist may use fingertips, forearms, elbows along with the European G5 machine to loosen the fibers of the muscles and increase circulation.
    • 30 min: $65
    • 60 min: $85
    • 90 min: $115
  • Prenatal Massage
    Give special attention to yourself and your baby before that special person arrives. This gentle treatment stimulates circulation and eases lower back pain. A great opportunity to relax and rejuvenate.
    • 30 min: $55
    • 60 min: $75